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Though the Microscope sophont was widespread and a force to be reckoned with arguably, there is one thing they could never prevent: speciation. Being such a small organism over such a wide area it was inevitable, and now microscope sophonts exist in many forms, nearly all of them are sapient, utilizing the hind compartment’s nucleus not as simple DNA storage but as a poorly understood ‘thought reactor’, utilizing spite and a pickaxe-shaped protein called “P2-4” to allow complicated emergent reactions between chemicals and proteins which make up the ‘thoughts’ of the Nanosophont. Utilizing mostly secretion of compounds from their diets to form tools, the nanosophonts have many dispositions, but though some may exterminate other species locally, they tend to themselves then rapidly speciate, most keep the body plan fairly conservative, and the more decorated species tend to still only add a few things like spines or cilia. Nanosophont politics are highly complicated, and peaceful interaction tends to result in biofilm ‘reefs’ even on land, made of various biogenic compounds like silica and calcium carbonate secreted by the Nanosophonts in which they live. Most 2s2tworldian Nanosophont species exhibit capitalist-like behaviors for unknown reasons, as most lack currency in the first place. While true spacefaring ones tend to be more diverse in economical stances. Due to their rapid speciation, Nanosophonts have replaced their ancestor in the entire solar system.