Munching Prick-Fish

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To deter some of the new predators like the Terror Bruh, one group of Grazing Jello-Fish would further develop their armor to that they now act like spikes to poke anything trying to bite them. Alongside a change in how they feed, the new bits of armor causes the populations to diverge into a new species known as the Munching Prick-Fish. Just like their ancestor, the armor embedded within their skin is made of calcium carbonate and still works as a predator-deterrent. The internal anatomy of the Munching Prick-Fish has not really changed at all, with the species still having a circulatory system of hemooranganin to help support their multicellular bodies with the circulatory system still surrounding the digestive system. The Munching Prick-Fish also gets a decent amount of their energy from radiation, and can 'zap' predators with their radiation. If that does not deter a threat, it may respond by trying to bite them or merely relying on their armor to protect them. The largest differences of the taxon compared to their ancestor are all around the mouth, as the Munching Prick-Fish developed more "teeth". The upper lip of the mouth is still flexible but is now tipped in a singular "tooth" with jagged edges to help grab soft foods while the lower lip has developed two extra "teeth" alongside the front-most one that help shear off bits of their food so it can then be swallowed. The blind gut of the Munching Prick-Fish has is still large so it can consume more food and thus get more energy out of their diet compared to something like a Gliding Jello-Fish. Once they get as much energy as they can from their food, the Munching Prick-Fish will vomit up the waste products in the form of a pellet. Their fusiotrophic metabolism helps provide the Munching Prick-Fish an energy source to fall back on in the rare cases they may not be able to find their primary food source.

When it comes to breeding, the Munching Prick-Fish has not changed much from their ancestor, as they release "gametes" into the water. When they encounter those of another individual, the two "gametes" then fuse together and then split into two developing Munching Prick-Fish.