Multi-Lobed Piss Tree

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Some populations of Piss tree developed a more efficient way of gaining photosynthesis, by developing several smaller lobes of leaves instead of one single giant lobe. These populations would rapidly begin to thrive within Cube's inland habitats and became the Multi-Lobed Piss Tree. The small leaves that grew at ground level in their ancestor have become mostly vestigial and barely poke out of the ground. The piss wood the species uses for support has become thicker to keep out green pissbugs from digging into their trunks and have also developed a sort of immune system to defend themselves from the Pissier plaguier. The 4-5 lobes at the top of the Multi-Lobed Piss Tree produce larger amounts of piss spores in a sort of mist, which results in the canopies of cube to become shrouded in a yellow mist when this species breeds. The tiny ground leaves are also capable of producing spores, but they only produce a few of them due to their small size.