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Moogus are herd living organisms that have many interesting adaptations. They live in herds of up to 12 adult individuals. To allow the moogus to tell each other apart they have developed a variety of colours. They possess parental care, the young are often seen following the adults or even sitting on their head. Baby moogus always have the same colour as their parents however they can change colour when there are 2 members of the herd with the same colour once it matures. To protect themselves from predators they have developed a hard shell on their back derived from the quills from their sonic ancestors. They are no longer fast and instead have a stocky build. The singular eye of sonic has been improved upon by becoming bigger. They possess a large mouth filled with spiky teeth and a harpoon tung to help it eat higher parts of piss plants. Cannibalism is a very common trait amongst moogus and the previously mentioned mouth developments are also perfect for hunting each other. If they get caught they will get kicked out of the herd though deceiving tactics are also common, This is done by tricking the herd into thinking that it was another herd member who committed the crime.