Migratory Pissback

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As wild populations became independent of their caretakers, the Domesticated Piss Monke convergently evolved with the Piss Child by developing more rockets as legs. Eventually they no longer needed to climb on piss vines and instead flew around through space. These feral piss monkes made a symbiotic relationship with Ureust to have a near infinite food source to fuel their travels, even having components on their dermis that encourages much longer growth than what would be possible with regular ureust​​. This allowed them to have enough fuel to venture closer to the sun on occasion to let their food grow even bigger from all this light. This in turn made the ancestral feral piss monkes grow bigger themselves, allowing room for more piss plants of different species to grow eventually leading to the Migratory Pissback.

The Migratory Pissback grows whole ecosystems on their back to sustain themselves. Trimming and eating the occasional piss web or plant to make themselvs stylish pissdews to entertain themselves on their long journeys. Having such a large back allows for loads of Piss off to parasitise off of them and stay out of reach of the Migratory Pissback’s claws. As a defence one of the legs of Migratory Pissback has been converted into a rocket flamethrower to blast them off, and as a result many piss off wind up floating through space all over the solar system. Their migration takes them from the piss planet belt all the way to near the sun and back again. Sometimes Migratory Pissback will go elsewhere in the solar system to see the sights whenever they feel like it. They like to travel in great herds for protection and can also use the rocket flamethrowers to dissuade attackers such as some colossal Sphere of imminent doom.