Mamybarus Hook Cheese

The Mamybarus Hook Cheese is a species of Hook Cheese that has adapted to grab onto the fur of the local herbivores known as the Mamybarus. In many ways it is nearly identical to other species of Hook Cheeses, with their silicon spikes that act as hooks to hold onto the fur of a Mamybarus. One noticeable difference is that their hooks have small barbs on them to better hold onto the individual hairs. Aside from that, the Mamybarus Hook Cheese as also evolved a thicker cell membrane to avoid drying out, since the Mamybarus they live on may wander out of the river from time to time though its usually short enough that they can tough it out. They still get their energy from photosynthesis, using their pink accessory pigment and poop color pigments to get energy from sunlight. Mamybarus Hook Cheeses also still posses an eye spot on each end of the cell along with cilia, both of these adaptations allow them to move around and navigate their environment since they may get dislodged from the Mamybarus they were holding onto and thus need to find a new hook-hold. Much like their close relatives, the Mamybarus Hook Cheese will produce two copies of themselves at once, allowing them to quickly grow in numbers when the latch onto a Mamybarus, often to the point where a Mamybarus may appear to be slightly pink due to the sheer abundance of Mamybarus Hook Cheeses growing in their fur.