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The Mamybarus is a new herbivore moving into the riparian and lacustrine habitats of Dingus due to the establishment of its ecosystem, the new growth is readily grazed by these herbivores, and they have developed a novel organ to process a wide range: by consuming the dire tesses on the lake floor they can develop their own silica gastroliths to grind up plant matter, the process of developing these gastroliths means they’re very porous as well and able to soak up toxins, including spite, allowing the Mamybarus to eat spiteweeds and other toxic flora without harm as well. Space previously dedicated to the radiation organ is devoted to the production of these essential gastroliths. Though they are experts in the water and able to dig bankside burrows quite well with their broad feet, they are clumsy on land. And though they still graze there they only do so at night when predators are less likely to spot them. The Mamybarus’s anus is mostly obscured by fur and is a fair bit smaller than other radfauna’s anuses and thus is not very noticeable from the side. Their buds are not very independent and sit underdeveloped within the burrow for a few weeks, resembling furry little cyan balls before their limbs fully grow in. During this period the parents regurgitate plant material into the simple mouth developed by the buds at this point to give them nutrition. This confusing adaptation developed because it increases the young’s rate of survival to both be unable to wander into danger and also be ensured food. The Mamybarus’s fur is thick and waterproof unlike its ancestor’s sparse coating, and is also hydrophobic to some extent, forming a small pocket of air around the mamybarus while it is underwater.

A Mamybarus budlet.