Lurking Piss Doom

With the surplus of smaller fauna now inhabiting the 'Void Belt', there wasn't much stuff actively looking to eat them unless they too were of similar size, so some Void Piss Doom saw the opportunity, and became the Lurking Piss Doom. They often hide under the leaves of Void Schattolaurens, occasionally poking their head out to look around for any potential predators or prey. They are fully carnivorous, specializing in an ambush predator lifestyle where they grab prey with their mouth and swallow them whole. Their jaws are very stretchy and full of spikes to prevent prey from escaping as they pull them under the brush to devour them. Due to this, they can move their jaws in a sort of line to squeeze through proportionately smaller gaps than their ancestor. Their long tentacles and arms are good for both crawling around and moving through space, and helps them quickly lunge towards prey. They have lost photosynthetic areas on their entire face except for the horns, and their lower half is only really used when out in the open. They are rather skittish, often running to more covering areas if disturbed, and may go crazy if they end up in a Nesting Schattolauren nest. Their eye is raised from their head, which allows their body to be more flat when moving around. When they detect prey, they take cover and many of their other senses increase, before they lash out in an attempt to snatch them. Their dark coloration provides good camouflage against the pitch black leaves of Void Schattolaurens.