Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish

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When a second wave of jumping jello-fish arrived into the waters of Dingus, the native group of Jello-Fish descended from the first wave of jumping jello-fish provided to be too competitive for the new arrivals in more generalistic niches. For these new arrivals, it was a matter of either dying out or taking a specialized niche. This led to them taking a very unorthodox niche compared to their relatives, that of an ectoparasite. This would result in them developing several unique adaptations that would result in them becoming a species known as the Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish. To take the niche of a parasite, the Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish has developed a large groove at the underside of their snout that acts somewhat like a mouth. Because the organism lacks a digestive system, it can only latch on with the sucker-like groove onto a larger organism and then release digestive enzymes to turn the skin of the host into a nutrient soup that it then absorbs through their skin.

Just like their ancestor, the Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish has a circulatory system of hemooranganin to help support their multicellular bodies. Meanwhile, the top of the Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish's snout has a hard sheath of keratin to help it more effectively cut through the water as it undulates from up and down.

Unlike their ancestor, the Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish has their offspring come from a singular large bud that forms on their underside, this bud will then detach from the parent and float about in the current until it meets another bud from the same species. When they meet, the buds will fuse together and then split and become multiple young Lip-Sucker Jello-Fish.