Lilegg Grabeneresca

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With The Fucking Trench being mostly devoid of life, that left it open for many organisms to inhabit it, which some Linkedgrabeneresca did just that, and combined with other pressures brought by the environment, lead to the evolution of the Lilegg Grabeneresca. They form very large colonies of dozens, if not hundreds of individuals, all because The Fucking trench has less food than the areas above, and lead to colonies growing even more to share more food. All outer individuals have an arm, while all on the inside tend to not have one, which this is to not mess with how they all connect. They do not rely on just one arm to kill prey, instead grabbing prey with as many arms as possible, before creating many holes in it and injecting enzymes, before sucking it back into their arms, and repeat until what's left can just be swallowed, or cannot be digested. Their arms are completely colorless, while their bodies are very dark, this helping them remain mostly camouflaged and store nutrients for more important things. The cells tend to form on the outside in a pattern, oddly enough, colonies alternating from even to odd numbers of rows as they grow, until they cap out at five, and all rows spiral from one side of the colony to the other. They will also eat any dead matter that touches them. One last weird thing about them is that each arm has eyespots that allow them to see heat, which may help locate certain prey items, like Abysshit.