Lego-Scraping Tuberfish

From 2speccers2tools wiki

The lego-scraping tuberfish is a type of barkfish which has evolved to exclusively feed on the bottoms of large lego cell colonies. To facilitate this, their body has turned upwards, with the upper photoreceptor patch pointing upwards and the lower one pointing forwards. They have also evolved a hardened, beak-like piece of bark used to scrape the lego cells into its mouth. In order to keep upright, they have evolved a novel buoyancy organ in the form of a light, porous, sponge-like tissue in their upper body. This tissue is capable of storing gases generated by the metabolic processes of the tuberfish, such as carbon dioxide. Excess gas is released through the back fin.

The lego-scraping tuberfish’s bark is more smooth than that of its ancestor, but retains the stiffness required to hold the tuberfish’s shape and protect it from predators.