Lead-Trunk Piss Reed

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With their adaptations to living partially underwater, some populations of Stalked Piss Reeds would spread into the water systems of Cube. There they would undergo some minor changes due to a relative lack of competition and eventually become a new taxon known as the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed. Much like their ancestor, the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed incorporates lead into their tissues, which allows them to withstand minor amounts of radiation in areas like the coasts of Cube. Unlike their ancestor, however, the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed takes in a lot more lead and concentrates it within their stem, which makes it stiffer and thus less likely to bend. This meant the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed could settle places such as the river systems of Cube, where the stiff stem meant they would not get knocked over by the currents. To support their larger size, the root system has also become much larger and more importantly deeper. The tall stem still helps keep most of the leaves of of the water and so gives the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed access to air since they still need it. While this adaptation does mean the species is relegated to relatively shallow waters at most, their larger size means they can inhabit deeper waters than their ancestor such as the center of the Cube river systems. Much like their ancestors, the Lead-Trunk Piss Reed releases a large amount of spores at once, with most individuals in the area doing it at the same time. This often means the air can become yellow in piss spores when Lead-Trunk Piss Reed breed, with the river water also often becoming light yellow from spores landing on the surface.