With most of the other organisms on Kamm taking to carnivory, the kammalbou deviates in being an obligate herbivore. Faster and more nimble than the sprawled sovanestis and awkward clonguses, the kammalbou relies on its speed and nimbleness to confuse and escape predation. They usually hide in the denser patches of branchnom woodland, weaving through the trunks and branches as if it knew them by heart.

As herbivores no longer needing it, the kammalbou’s radiation organ has completely sealed up, with its name originating from how this structure dangles below the neck like a christmas bell. The radiation organ is still used, if only to generate extra heat and transfer it to the brain, allowing the kammalbou to snap out of an idle state and make quick decisions.

While the kammalbou does rely mainly on its eyes to detect predators, its ability to sense vibrations in the ground is hightened compared to its ancestors, with the tips of its claws acting as a rudimentary acoustic device. A kammalbou can detect the scampering of an out-of-sight companion from a few meters away, causing the listener to flee as well.