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The kammal has replaced its ancestor on the island of Kamm. With many of the other niches on Kamm taken by large descendants of the Nostalgia, the remaining mamals of kamm became small, agile, and adaptable to avoid competition with other creatures. The kammal still uses its radiation organ in order to kill tougher prey, but it mostly relies on its shearing “tooth” and quick speed to kill small “insects”. Their long and flexible snout is filled with taste buds and highly sensitive touch receptors, helping the kammal to navigate at night. Since the kammal is solitary and no longer forms rafts at sea, it has begun standing on the tips of its claws, allowing it to make precise maneuvers on the ground. The kammal also possesses a fatty hump, allowing it to store nutrients when food is scarce. These humps tend to be larger in specimens that live in Kamm Tundra.