Kamm Burstgrass

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Through a chance event involving a storm, some Prickly Pissbush spores where carried by strong winds out of the continent of Dingus and landed on the island landmass next to it known as Kamm. With competition being pretty limited at the coasts and almost non-existent in Kamm's inland habitats, they quickly thrived and diverged into a unique taxon. Unlike their ancestor, the Kamm Burstgrass does not have as much lead in their cells, since there is not as much radioactive organisms present in the area like there are on Dingus. Another major difference between them and their ancestor is that the Kamm Burstgrass no longer enters the pissballoon stage at all. Instead, they remain in their pissbaby stage with their ancestral balloon becoming much more complicated. The balloon itself is now composed of two chambers, one being filled with spores and the other filling up with helium gases that build up. At a certain point the gas chamber is so full of gas that it bursts open, with the spores then being released and shot in all direction. This adaptations allows Kamm Burstgrass to rapidly spread all over the place, with the balloon repairing itself over the course of a couple months. In a similar fashion to their ancestors, the Kamm Burstgrass takes in ambient levels of spite for energy and incorporating it into their cells to deter the few species of local predators such as Snufflers or the Radfting mamal. While the Kamm Burstgrass does thrive along the edges of the Kamm Tundra, the area is too cold for them to make a permanent living within the tundra's interior.