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As some Big M'ungus were developing a pet from Cacodooms that could also protect them, they realized that they needed food to live at home, so they took a strand of what they were working on and modified it into a defenseless blob that could easily be used as food. They are branded as Kakokibble, though have no real name, so they are only called by their brand name, and they look like tiny, slug-like Cacodooms with a tiny, black eye that cannot see, barely functional limbs, and a mouth good at sucking in stuff. They live in water, though take ages to die outside of it, and in fact, take ages to starve as well, as this makes them easy to breed and transport. They are kept on large tanks where they slowly swim around, and are fed Poolloon scraps every once in a while to keep them alive and healthy for use as pet food. They suck in food like a fish would, and release small pellets through their mouth that have to be taken out every once in a while. They sense their environment mainly through vibrations and touch, as they are blind and unable to smell or taste, thus only react when touched, and may squirm a bit in the bag and bowl. They have lost their ability to float and produce spite entirely, and are completely safe to eat by Big M'ungus, a subspecies of them even being bred specifically to be eaten by Big M'ungus. Their spores can easily move through gasses and liquids, though tend to get trapped in the latter, so containing them is fairly easy. They also sometimes bud out a new individual, and commonly happens to larger individuals.

Their spores, as well as budding Kakokibble, are somewhat of a delicacy, the spores being used as a spice due to their oddly pepper-like taste, and these individuals mid-bud being believed to be worth more than a normal one, like a piece of cereal that is larger than normal, or they just forgot to separate it. There are markets specifically for budded Kakokibble, which are killed as soon as it is noticeable that they are budding, and are stored in coolers to be shipped to fancy resturants.