Jumping jello-fish

From 2speccers2tools wiki

The jumping jello-fish was able to utterly balloon in size due to one advancement: a circulatory system, this system uses hemooranganin, a new blood compound that makes the blood orange, unlike traditional blood though this is acellular, and is just some salty fluid containing the compound. The jumping jello-fish is able to use more than just water for its fusiotrophism, and can ‘zap’ (using its radiation) and envelop small plankton to provide fuel, though water is the purest fuel for this autotrophism still and the plankton mostly serves as a carbon supplement for the process of actually building cells. The jumping jello-fish is called a jumping jello-fish because it does jump out of the water and ride air currents occasionally, to break water tension it concentrates blood in its sharp nose to make it more solid and glides using its 3-pronged tail and fins.