Jello Spite Leaf

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When the No-Sapien evolved, all terrestrial sophonts on Oofle perished and it would remain this way even after the species itself became extinct for a long time. When this happened, the spheres of death suddenly had no sophonts to kill off and they also ran out of things to consume. This left them only with the option of getting ambient amounts of spite from the air for energy. With no other options, the spheres of death within oofle's inland habitats became dedicated spitivores and eventually settled down. Even when the Nanosophonts eventually evolved and recolonized inland habitats of Oofle, they were already being preyed upon by the already diverse Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience who were more efficient at hunting these microbes than the spheres of death. As a result, the remaining sphere of death populations in Oofle's inland habitats would evolve into a completely new taxon known as the Jello Spite Leaf .

Unlike their ancestors, the Jello Spite Leaf is a multicellular organism who gets all of their energy from spite. The large, leaf-shaped appendage increases surface area to help gather a larger amount of said spite from the air and thus allowing them to become bigger. With that said, living on spite alone puts a relatively strict size limit on an organism and so the Jello Spite Leaf is extremely small, being incapable of reaching the massive size their ancestor could get to nor the sizes some of its distant relatives still reach. Since they do not need to chase after organisms, they have lost their ability to float using methane and instead have grown a wide root-like base that anchors them into the ground. Living on a diet of spite may bring draw backs in terms of size but it also brings several major advantages. The first being that the Jello Spite Leaf can avoid competition with the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience since that group of organisms does not rely on spite for their natural diet(at least on Oofle when the Jello Spite Leaves first appeared). Meanwhile, the remaining sphere of death populations on Oofle would become extinct, being outcompeted by both the Jello Spite Leaf and by the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience as they are both more efficient in gathering food than the spheres of death in their respective diets. A second advantage being a pure-spitivore brings is that their tissues are full of spite, making them extremely toxic to almost anything that tries to eat them unless they themselves have an immunity. While the Jello Spite Leaf is restricted to Oofle as of now, on that continent they are highly abundant and make up a good part of the low-growing vegetation.