Jade Brorroth

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A group of Brorroth found themselves in the Dingus Tundra, though were more adapted than others of their species, and thus eventually evolved into the Jade Brorroth. They are of course much bluer in coloration for both camouflage and containing heat, hence their name, but also have an organelle in their body that is similar to fat and helps them retain their internal body temperature. Their spikes have degraded due to a lack of predators, though their armor has only increased and become even more composed of minerals to help contain heat. They are much less active than their ancestor, though is also more aggressive, using its larger crest to charge in more irregular and violent fashions. The sticky substance they produce can now combine and solidify snow and ice on their body, which they mainly use for defense. Like their ancestor, they sleep in the ground, though do so for longer periods, and have active periods during the warmer months when they go out to hunt.