Inchode Hook Cheese

Some Mamybarus Hook Cheese once fell off a Mamybarus they were on, though happened to fall into a Crimsonjewel Lithosemoeba, thus survived, and in combination with several other adaptations made due to this sudden change in habitat, resulted in the Inchode Hook Cheese. They often live inside and reproduce inside the water in the hole in the back of the Dingus Lithosemoeba and its descendants. This which provides protection from external threats, unless something happens to get into it, though these are extreme circumstances. If they feel overcrowded, they may look outside to look for a new Dingus Lithosemoeba, or one of its descendants, to live in. If they see one, they will crawl out and attempt moving towards and into their back in a manner similar to an inch worm, using their claws like feet. Their cell membrane is thicker than their ancestor's, and oddly enough, is capable of holding in heat better, in combination with being better at not drying out, though despite this, they do not fare well in the tundra. Their eyes are surprisingly developed now, despite being merely organelles, as they can sense reds, browns, light and dark, and even some depth, though only if both eyes are looking at the same thing.