Hulk upper

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Constant doses of radiation from radfuana has played a continued role in the evolution of the Bug-Upper. Gamma radiation in particular lead to this offshoot of the Bug-Upper optianing abilities similar to terrain Hulk. The main difference being instead of the gamma modified genes getting activated by feelings of anger, the hulk upper still shows its relations to its distant ancestors and is set off by being horny, when full hulk mode it is fueled by a sexual rage and will demolish anything in their way from getting to mate, this goes with both sexes. The transformation happens during the breeding season which starts to begin on the 69th day of the year in very early spring. Insead of having an immediate transformation the hulk upper does a much more energy efficient method of slowly transforming as it gradually gets enough food to grow to its super sizes, getting more and more horny and violent along the way. Once completed it has obtained great size and strength as well as more. Giant spiky claws that can both crush and punch, massive middle legs for making great leaps, and overextended gonads for mating. The back legs, strangely, remain more or less the same. They remain in this form wreaking havoc until early fall. They will experience a sudden loss of the horny and they begin to contemplate their life choices, during this stage they will not eat at all. It won't need to eat since the hulk upper now has to shrink to its more usual size. They gained so much food in the hulk transformation process that by the time they have turned back to normal they have made it through the leaner months without even needing to eat a thing.

Tho other than this they have not changed too much from their ancestor.