Horrible Lithosemoeba

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With the South half of the Horrible Rectangle Tundra warming up and becoming a montane biome, a group of Inland Lithosemoebas decided to take advantage of the newly exposed rock, resulting in the Horrible Lithosemoeba. They have developed the habit of jetting out large tendrils of cells to feel around their environment, as well as smell, as their cells also have chemoreceptors that help them find organic food in the barren wasteland they inhabit. These tendrils behave like a mix of insect antennae and snail eyestalks/tentacles, often moving around, and retracting if touched. If they detect food, they will slowly go over to it as a colony and begin enveloping it, as well as releasing digestive enzymes to break it apart so they may eat it. Like their ancestors, they will release lumps of rock after using its nutrients, though these produce larger ones due to their diet composing of more metals.