Horrible Irradiated Baloon

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A group of Horrible Baloons have become more adapted to their new environment, and are now able to eat Radioflora with no consciousness, which has resulted in the evolution of the Horrible Irradiated Baloon. they have become larger due to a wider diet, and have developed their mouth and forelimbs more to help with this, their forelimbs being used as arms more, and sort of 'teeth' forming on their mouth. They still use their forelimbs as feet, though their body can also flex more, and their arms can move more as well, which in combination with their sleeker design, can allow them to grab onto and hold down the leaves of a Stalked Radioshrub or something and graze on it. Speaking of which, their 'jaw' is much more developed, and they have various spikes on their mouth used for gripping and tearing apart their food, allowing them to eat more efficiently. They will sometimes seek out and feed on dead, rotting flora, which is often how they find Recycling Radiobushes to feed on. Their extra 'fins' have enlarged, as they help retain body heat, and can also be used to intimidate predators, or just things they're trying to steal food from, such as another of their species, or a Radioplate. Just like their ancestor, they will randomly tear apart any Radiobiota they see at times, even extending to their new, more faunal members. One last thing to note is how they can no longer fly due to their size and generally not being very adapted to it anymore, and thus do not filter feed anymore either.