Following the rise of Radiobiotans, some Baloon Animals began to evolve, though this didn't take full effect until it was too late and the Pissing Sky Bush had already adapted, resulting in the Horrible Baloon. They are far more terrestrial than their ancestor due to their bizarre forearms, though are still capable of flying to an extent, the odd bumps on their back being somewhat movable and can be used to help with steering somewhat. Their forearms are oddly gorilla-like, possessing two digits in which they rest the limbs on, and these can be used for defense, scaling things easier, and intimidation. They have evolved eyes of sorts, and oddly enough, a snout that can cover their mouth like a jaw. They are resistant to not just radiation, but also spite, storing it in an organ connected to its stinger, which it uses as defense as well. They will sometimes tear apart Radiobiotans with their forearms, though do not eat them, the reason they behave this way being unknown.