Horned Rocket Schattolauren

A group of Rocket Schattolauren began developing many more lobes on the top side of their body, increasing their area for photosynthesis, though also happened to develop one pair into very large, stiff, branching structures that resemble horns. Horned Rocket Schattolauren have a much brighter brown than their ancestor, and a much more normally colored and chaotic flame as well, for unknown reasons. Their numerous extra lobes give them a wider surface area for gathering light, and thus allows them to reach larger sizes on average. Their most notable feature are their two horns, which have a tough endoskeleton inside, making them very stiff and harmful, especially considering their pointed tips and how they face inwards. These horns are used for violently ramming into predator and prey alike, as well as battling their own species, either to show dominance, or just to tell them to fuck off. Interestingly, they seem to form small packs of up to 7 individuals in their grazing and ambush phases, allowing for better protection and more success rates during hunting, and they may begin racing each other the moment they wake up enough. They can be very aggressive, charging towards anything they dislike at very fast speeds, the moment they feel they are a threat. Due to this, Sophonts and Vandalauren despise them, and prefer to hide when they show up to avoid getting attacked.