The Holeefuhcwudizdwt is also known as the fuhc for short, poor fuhc and stupid fuhc are also acceptable.

The fuhc is a horrid monstrosity. Just like with the poor m’ungus and microscope sophont before them, this is the nanosophont’s fault. They haven’t even taken direct offense to the target this time, to put it simply, the fuhc is a living spaceship.

Nanosophonts have added many features to the poor fuhc, including respiratory patches on its snout so that it doesn’t have to have lungs. This is because it is using those lungs to produce and combust fuel for propellant through former wings. Its laser is fairly unchanged but the uppermost eye has been turned into a blind cockpit for the crew. The fuhc has very little autonomy, as most of its nervous system was hollowed out to make space for nanosophonts, and indeed it is basically a vegetable without inhabitants.

The fuhc ignite sulfurous compounds in their lungs and funnel it out through their wings to propel in space. The nanosophonts break down the fuhc’s own water supply to produce hydrogen and water to keep this fire going. The breakdown of its water means the fuhc is constantly dehydrating, but it has been programmed to not care very much and also crave specifically icy asteroids .