Hijacker I

From 2speccers2tools wiki

This derived species of m’ungus machine evolved to better parasitize the rest of its family tree, shrinking drastically to have many possible host species and to be more difficult to detect.

The Hijacker I has a long and slender build, and is outfitted with two pairs of thrusters. The hind thrusters are used for more precise maneuvering, helping them to evade predation or defenses. It is covered in glowing ‘eyes’, although these are able to turn off, and are something of a vestige anyway due to the specialization of the front of its hull into a gigantic sensory telescope capable of detecting almost any kind of electromagnetic radiation and a variety of chemicals. Its limbs are hook-like, and are used to latch onto its host.

But perhaps the most radical development in this lineage is the conversion of their blood-sucking apparatus into a hacking device. The actual hacking organ is shielded by two modified limbs, and is only unsheathed when the Hijacker I finds a host. When it does, it buries into a crevice which is difficult for the host to access and latches on. From here, the hacking organ deposits a root-like biomechanical organism (known collectively within a host as a Myceliform, as opposed to the regular organism, the Fauniform) into the host, with the fauniform Hijacker I leaving to find a new host and taking a bit of the host’s blood along with it. The myceliform then spreads through the host body until it finds the brain and the factory system. The myceliform then injects hormones into the brain to shut down the host’s immune system and injects its own code into the factory system so that it makes new fauniforms instead of cloning the host.

The Hijacker I itself is susceptible to infection by Piss Aids.