Highcap Tanglebell

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In the deeper waters of the ocean, food is harder to come by and thus things that live down there must make sure whatever they catch does not escape. For populations of Fuzzy Tanglebell, this pressure meant they needed to get bigger and bigger which along with a few minor changes led to them giving rise to a new taxon known as the Highcap Tanglebell.

The Highcap Tanglebell retains many of the same adaptations of their ancestor, but taken to a whole new level. The bruh-derived cells and asshole-derived cells still work together with the former being the “teeth” and digestive system while the latter seals prey within said digestive system. The biggest differences once again go down to their poopy-derived locomotory cells, with those flagella-like tendrils of their ancestor having become much longer to ensnare anything unlucky enough to bush into them. The spite within their tissues still deters most predators, although soopyfauna could probably care less and thus feeds on the Highcap Tanglebell frequently, but they pack a higher amount of it within their tendrils. The amount of spite within their feeding tendrils helps overwhelm prey more quickly if they lack an immunity to it and can additionally act as a minor deterrent since even soopyfauna can partially feel the effects if they remain in contact with the tendrils for long enough. However, the Highcap Tanglebell has also developed the ability to release digestive enzymes from the tips of their tendrils to help kill prey as well, especially those with an immunity to spite. This does damage the tendrils after multiple uses, but the Highcap Tanglebell sheds the old tendrils and lets new ones grow in over time. The elevated dome on the top of their body has a ring of eyespots, allowing the Highcap Tanglebell to detect the approach of potential predators before it is too late to react, with their many small cilia vigorously beating the water to bring their tendrils in the way of a threat.

Highcap Tanglebells primarily live in deeper waters, where light becomes less abundant and thus prey are more likely to bump into it by accident, though the species does come to the surface at night when it is about as dark as it would be in the depths. Certain populations of Highcap Tanglebells will, however, spend all of their times in the depths and can even live within The Fucking Trench.

New Highcap Tanglebells are often budded off from the apex of the bell and resemble the Sooperpoopycells. This difference ensures that Highcap Tanglebells can make quick turns in pursuit of prey. Many larvae will be able to accrete enough energy to grow and multiply their cells to adulthood.