Hairy Pooplant

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The hairy pooplant is quite a step above its ancestor. Rather than maintaining its structure by being fat, it simply changed its cellular structure to something it already had: Keratin. This allows it to stand up without being fat. It also has the first traces of a specialized reproductive structure, that being the novel sporangia that cover its stem. These structures are now specialized to release the spores that were once simply released from the entire plant. As hairy pooplants are able to reproduce asexually and cost little resources to grow, they grow quite densely and have covered much of Ovifan’s soil in a poop-based “grass”. While hairy pooplants are capable of doing fine on their own, they are also able to parasitize the pissbabies of pissing sky bushes using their roots, which has caused pissing sky bushes to become uncommon on the island due to the hairy pooplant being nearly everywhere. This puts significant evolutionary pressure on the relatively small population of pissing sky bushes that remain. Other than these changes, though, the hairy pooplant isn’t remarkably different from its ancestor.