Guillotine Mamal

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With the diversification of relatively large fauna on Kamm, it was a matter of time before something would evolve to feed upon them. Since the Noserps were mostly adapted to consume small organisms, it would instead be the Sovanesti Mamal who would take the ecological role of top predators. This produced the Guillotine Mamal, which firstly has longer and more erect limbs to better run down its prey. One of the two claws on the front limbs has become a raised digit that can then be brought down to pin prey or gouge deep wounds. As a Noserp may respond by shooting their mud-projectiles at the Guillotine Mamal, the radfauna's fur-derived armor has become more extensive and now covers almost all of their front end and a good amount of their back. This armor protects the Guillotine Mamal from its struggling prey while it would then use its sharp beak and powerful jaws to come slamming down on the victim's spine or skull. Once the kill is made, their ancestral adaptations to feed on carrion meant no part of a carcass was wasted. The powerful throat pouch with large grinding spines still allow the Guillotine Mamal to process its meals into a mushy paste that can then be easily digested. The species is also still happy to feed on carrion, often forcing their way onto a carcass and driving away any other scavengers so they can have all the meat and bones for themselves.

With all these adaptations to overpower and kill prey, the need to shoot a laser was no longer necessary at all and so the laser has become vestigial, getting buried in the fur on its underside though the organ itself is still large to maintain its body temperature in colder climates. Much like its ancestor, the Guillotine Mamal has its fur made only of chitin while the beak only contains small amounts of lead.