Guillotine-toothed snufflid

The underdeveloped ecosystem of recently-formed ovifan is brimming with opportunity, including developments that may mirror those of islands many miles away on 2s2tworld. No large fauna truly exist yet on Ovifan and its savannah poses a unique challenge, the Guillotine-toothed snufflid is a mostly unique example of adaptation to a dry environment in Snufflers, as savannahs aren’t unsurvivably dry for most of the year as opposed to the other arid biomes, in response to this, the snufflid has developed thick toad-like skin, allowing it to protect against the heat and dryness of the savannah. If this doesn’t stave it off however, the snufflid is able to use its prominent teeth to dig down into the dirt for protection. Speaking of dirt, the snufflid does not camouflage among it, it is a dark green to mimic dead/wilted piss flora. And speaking of prominent teeth, the snufflid uses its horrid set of chopping chompers to dismember prey, cutting it up into suitable small pieces before shoveling it back to the mouth to be eaten, so, such a well-adapted, macropredatory animal must surely be large right? Yes, the Guillotine-toothed snufflid clocks in at… 6.35 centimeters