Greater Crystal Piss Flower

As their ancestor, the Crystal Piss Flower, began spreading nearly everywhere on Cube, some began growing even larger and developing more large leaves, and an even a larger edible leaf, resulting in the evolution of the Greater Crystal Piss Flower. As their name suggests, they are nearly twice the height of their ancestor, and have further degraded their other stems in favor of more large leaves on their main stem. They have even more 'petals' around their central leaf, though are smaller due to the sheer size of this one leaf. Their central leaf is much larger and fleshier than their ancestor's, making them even tastier, and has resulted in sophonts like Big m'ungus and Chi’mpus cultivating them for this one leaf. Some of these are modified to not be able to release clouds of spores, or even have the hooked spores at times, though sometimes, the hooked spores are even more plentiful for a reason similar to why people like Cheetos dust on their fingers. Alongside their 'mycelium' they also have larger, thick roots that are mainly used for supporting their tall stem, though also allow them better access to nutrients underground.