Grappling Poop String

From 2speccers2tools wiki

As populations of Hungry Poop String thrived, certain cells in the colony got better at catching prey. These cells have developed larger amounts of flagella to restrain prey, they also actively wrap around a victim to help prevent their escape. All cells in the colony have also developed photoreceptors to detect differences in light and dark allowing them to detect movement and strike at prey. This led to the evolution of the Grappling Poop String. They stack onto one another in long branching strands anchored to the substrate. each cell has a large chloroplast of a brownish green color, but they have become vestigial because consuming prey provides more nutrients than gaining sunlight. They reproduce by fission, budding and can regrow the colony via fragmentation. they stretch in large fields across the seabed. They are fine to eat by basically anything bigger than 400 micrometers and survive by sheer numbers and rapid reproduction.