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With the rise of Kammite forests, it was only a matter of time until a climbing clongus evolved. Enter the grappleclong, the first arboreal clongus.

The foot-derived appendages of the blundergus turned out to be quite useful for climbing trees, especially in individuals with longer and stickier limbs. This was very useful both for escaping predators and getting a better view of prey. Rather quickly, the grappleclong’s mere nubs became long and somewhat flattened tentacles with a sticky underside, perfect for climbing in the relatively new branchnolm forests. Despite being a good climber, the grappleclong is still somewhat slow, mainly relying on stealth and camouflage in the rare times when it must descend to the ground. To avoid becoming lunch on the ground, the blundergus’ eggs have a much thicker cuticle, made mainly of a sort of cartilage. These eggs are very sticky and are laid in the trees, and have a doorlike weak point on the top similar to the eggs of stick insects.

Though grappleclongs mainly eat prey they shoot from the sky, they can also trap and eat “insects” using their ventral digestive folds. Some of the chitin from the prey is used to reinforce the grappleclong’s clay bullets, making them more stable. It also eats used intact mud bullets from the ground when it sees them.