Gliding L'mure

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As the Climbing L'mure started making use of the resources trees and other tall flora provided, some problems arose, such as their inability to quickly move on trees without risking hurting themselves, and competition, which one group started making adaptations that helped avoid these and make them more efficient in the trees, eventually resulting in the Gliding L'mure. Their legs have become better adapted at climbing, their claws being well developed and curved to help grip onto objects, and the extra part on their forelimbs have elongated to help with gripping as well, giving them hands almost like that of a chameleon. Their ears are proportionatly larger, and much more mobile, which helps them detect approaching threats before it can see them, and act quickly. They have developed large membranes between their limbs and then some, which allows them to glide around like a flying squirrel. Their excessive fur coverage is used to help increase their surface area while gliding, and making it easier to turn in the case of their tails. If unable to flee or it wants something, Gliding L'mure can become extremely aggressive, using their claws and teeth to attack foes until they either flee, or one of them is killed. Despite being mostly herbivorous, they will eat meat, mostly in the form of carrion, though will also ambush and kill certain species to eat them. They spend a lot of their time in trees, often making nests in them, however do sometimes go down to the ground to feed on other things like dead matter and Piss Flora. Their lips can be used to communicate, often moving them in different ways to convey emotion, or just intimidate other creatures, in combination with raising their hairs.