Gliding Jello-Fish

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With the evolution of the Oh No Bruhs, some populations of Dingusian Jello-Fish would adapt by specializing further for jumping out of the water to escape danger, this would require several minor adaptations that resulted in them diverging into a new taxon known as the Gliding Jello-Fish. In many ways, the Gliding Jello-Fish had hardly changed from their ancestor, still living the life of an active planktonivore where it suck in microbes like Nuclear Detergent Poopycells or Hook Cheeses through their mouth where they then end up in their blind gut to be digested. After they get all of the nutrients they can from their food, they will vomit up the waste products in a pellet. While they still get a small amount of their energy from radiation, the Gliding Jello-Fish now primarily consumes other organisms to support their more active lifestyle. Also like their ancestor, the Gliding Jello-Fish has a circulatory system of hemooranganin to help support their multicellular bodies with the circulatory system still surrounding the digestive system. Plus the species can use their radiation to 'zap' things such as prey or predators. The main differences now lie in what happens if their speed and radiation 'zaps' do not deter a threat, as they have further specialized for leaping out of the water. Their two side fins have become larger to better catch the air while the central structure of their tail fluke has a dorsal ride to help steer them while in the air so the Gliding Jello-Fish can glide much farther than their ancestor and for much longer period of time. The Gliding Jello-Fish will also use this ability to leap out of ponds that are drying out and enter a larger pond or the river itself.

When it comes to breeding, the Gliding Jello-Fish has not changed much from their ancestor, as they release "gametes" into the water. When they encounter those of another individual, the two "gametes" then fuse together and then split into two developing Jello-Fish.