Glass pane of pain

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This glass pane has grown due to no competition and replaces its ancestor within its range. It is the ultimate glass pane and is almost the maximum size it can reach in its current shape. They have a very thick and sturdy glass shell and cell walls which they obtain partially by leaching silicates from other glass panes. Since they are clear, flying animals don’t usually see them and simply ram into them at full speed, causing the fauna to die. This allows the glass pane of pain to basically be a carnivorous plant, quickly extending roots into the corpse to decompose it and feeding on the bloodstains that inevitably accumulate on its outside. This is similar to what real life skyscrapers do to birds, except without the carnivorous plant part. Glass panes of pain send their roots out very far before budding so that they seem less conspicuous and don't form an impenetrable glass forest. Their roots extend deep into the ground to collect lots of silica and prevent themselves from falling over. Otherwise, they are similar to their ancestors.