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This split of the Nomherb is adapted to a previously overlooked ecology within the Dingus Forest - the watersheds. Many organisms are now racing to adapt to these once-obscured environments all throughout 2s2tworld, each seeking to assume a distinct niche, and in the case of the Gillnom, that niche is of a herb which can survive in waterlogged soils.

Like the more robust Drenchnom, the Gillnom is capable of surviving in flooded soils for prolonged periods of time - the difference here is that the Gillnom employs specialized hair-laden roots to extract oxygen from the water. These root-gills are most prominent among populations in areas of the riparian zone most prone to flooding, while conversely less obvious further away. These roots house diverse Nitropellet cultures for enhancing nitrogen intake. Gillnom foliage grows in layered whorls, with each leaf being elongate and somewhat wide to maximize photosynthetic reactions. This flora contains trace amounts of lead to shield against radiation.

Gillnoms reproduce by two modes: gametes can be sent via a sporophore, which meet up and form a spore to be sent far. Alternatively, especially in abundant, spacious conditions, new Gillnoms can bud from runners.