Giant Void Schattolauren

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With the massive success of the Void Schattolauren, it would make sense for them to try becoming greater, so a specific lineage did just that, increasing their general size, and developing more, larger leaves, becoming the Giant Void Schattolauren. They are a little under ten times the size of their ancestor, which gives them a much larger surface area for photosynthesis, and also provides more area for juveniles to stay until they metamorphosize, and Nesting Schattolauren to build their nests, amongst other things. They produce even more of that orange stuff their ancestor did, as to feed the ecosystem, including juveniles that would eventually either become another of their kind, or a separate species. They benefit greatly from herbivores hacking away at their leaves, as they grow back longer, and thus give them even more surface area to gather sunlight. They have more lights, which allows for more complex communication amongst themselves and other species.