The Giant Piss Hawk descends from populations of Piss Hawk that adapted to hunt larger and larger prey. Now, they are voracious predators of the canopy, and push the limits of how large a unicellular organism can get. With such a massive size, the Giant Piss Hawk cannot afford to rest for more than a half an hour at a time meaning photosynthesis does not make up a large part of their diet. Instead, the Giant Piss Hawk spends most of its time flying on the wing searching for prey. When it spots something flying like a Nightreaper Piss Plant or a Pig o dactyl, they will swoop in and snatch them out of the air as their powerful bill crushes the unfortunately victim. Meanwhile, anything clambering about on the trunks and branches of piss trees are also fair targets. Using their chemoreceptive feathers around their beak and their simple eyes to help navigate, the Giant Piss Hawk will swoop in and quickly pin down the creature with the calcified claws on their wings. The grasping "toes" on the tail help maintain their grip on the trunk while they use their powerful beak to tear the pinned prey apart. After gorging themselves on the kill, the Giant Piss Hawk will usually take off once more to continue their hunt, as their high metabolism demands them to do so. They have also developed slight counter shading, being a orangish color on top to help them blend in with the tall trunks of the local Piss Flora. Despite being a giant among its kind on Cube, the Giant Piss Hawk is unlikely to get any bigger due to its unicellular nature.