Ghost Poralp Tree

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Overtime, some populations of Grappling Poop String started to enter The Fucking Trench. Here, they found themselves in a place where predators pretty much didn't exist as well as competition being scarce. As a result, they developed adaptations to living within the abyss and became a gigantic new species known as the Ghost Poralp Tree. Despite the name, the last common ancestor between this species and true Poralps was the og Planty Poop String. The Ghost Poralp Tree is an opportunist, using their gigantic photoreceptors to gather as much light as they can since very little comes down at such depths. When they detect something moving close to them, the closest branches will lunge forward to snatch the organism passing by. The flagella present on the tips of these branches are enormous, to help restrain prey that can sometimes be larger then the whole colony(sometimes even double their size). As they grapple the victim, the Ghost Poralp Trees releases digestive enzymes to quickly kill the organism and dissolve it into a soupy paste that can then be absorbed into their tissues for energy. Since a large amount of their prey contain spite within their system, the Ghost Poralp Tree has developed an immunity to spite, even storing it within their own tissues to deter things from eating the colony itself. Since photosynthesis would be completely useless in the trench, the colony has completely ditched their plastids, thus making them appear a ghostly white hence why they are called Ghost Poralp Trees. They reproduce by fission or budding and can regrow the colony via fragmentation, though they only do so when they acquire enough nutrients since food is scarce and even then the colony grows very slowly. The species is unable to survive within The Fucking Deep Trench as no light goes down there at all so they would not be able to see anything.