Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher

With the abundance of flying organsims living within Cube, predators soon evolved to take advantage of them. While the Piss Hawk would be among the first to do this, they were soon followed by a relative oddity. This new predator is a direct descendant of the widespread genus group known as the Snufflers, specifically a species of snuffler that was an arboreal ambush predator. Already around the maximum size the Snufflers typically reached (at 20 centimeters long), this species was able to take some of the smaller species of piss plants and flying box fauna when the chances presented themselves, but they struggled to regularly catch them. To take advantage of this relatively uncontested food source, they became larger and acquired several adaptations to better hunt flying prey which would lead to them giving rise to the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher. The Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher's main weapons to help kill prey are their four giant teeth which are attached to jaws that are loosely attached and can split down the middle, allowing the teeth to act somewhat like two pairs of mandibles that can puncture prey with relative ease. The fused eyes with separate pupils are quite helpful in tracking prey and moving along the branches, but to aid in their lifestyle of hunting aerial prey, the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher had redeveloped a feature that was lost of a long time in their lineage. Hair. Brought back through dormant genes that have been reactivated, the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher has a sparse amount of hairs covering the dorsal surface of its body although they are concentrated at the tip of the tail and along their proboscis right up to their mouth. Those hairs around the mouth are elongated and have pressure sensors to detect displaced air molecules by something move in the air, effectively acting like whiskers. Those on the tail, meanwhile, have become large and thick and effectively act like spiny plates to help the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher latch on piss flora. The Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher primarily waits on an overhanging branch or some leaves in a bent posture, conserving energy until they detect prey quickly approaching. When it gets close enough, the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher will quickly strike out, extending their body to snatch the flying organism before quickly reeling it in to better dispatch it.

The Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher retain its ancestors ovoviviparous habits, retaining eggs inside their body until the young hatch inside them. Once this occurs, the mother will give birth to live young that quickly scurry off. Since the babies are already 5-7 centimeters long, the Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher has smaller litters so they don't take up too much space. As the young move off on their own, they will first hunt small prey that are still larger than even them, gradually hunting larger prey as they continue to grow in size.