Frondly Radslug

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With the rise of the Horrible Baloon, some populations of Recycling Radiobush began to develop adaptations to avoid not being ripped apart easily. While the ancestors of the Radioplates developed plumbochitin armor, a different group began to rely on new senses to spot danger and move away. These Recycling Radiobush populations developed 6 eye spots to observe their surroundings(two pairs on two pairs of outer lobes and one pair on the front central lobe), which also proved effective at finding food. Among several other adaptations, the new eyes resulted in the evolution of a new species, known as the Frondly Radslug. The Frondly Radslug has taken the role of a mesopredator, being one of the first terrestrial species of radiobiota to do so. While they still get energy from photosynthesis, radiation, and taking in ambient levels of spite, the Frondly Radslug now gets most of its energy from the things it consumes. The tendrils underneath their six eyes have become longer to help manipulate food as they slowly dissolve it into a consumable soup while the rest of the tendrils help the Frondly Radslug slowly crawl towards food or away from Horrible Baloons. While it takes them a longer amount of time for them to consume the plumbochitin within Radioplates and the Stalked Radioshrub, the Frondly Radslug takes in the material and partially uses it in their locomotive tendrils to move faster although its in low enough amounts that it does not make much of a difference. Although it retains many of its structure adaptations of its ancestors, the Frondly Radslug's ability to produce adhesive secretions has become vestigial since it serves no real purpose. Unlike its ancestors or their close relatives, the Frondly Radslug has developed sexual reproduction with two individuals budding next to each other that then merge together and exchange genes. Then, the merged bud would perform meiosis into 4 genetically distinct offspring. This gives the Frondly Radslug a competitive edge over most other species of Radiobiota since they can adapt to new evolutionary pressures more easily.