Flowering Radiocoon

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As the Armored Radiocoon was highly successful, they became very common and diverse, as evident by the Monolith Radiocoon, and another group began evolving in a very peculiar way convergent with the Stomatoid Radiocoon; it developed fleshy, external parts with holes that release spores. Though, the unique part about this one is how they look almost like flowers, and aren't just used for reproduction, but also gathering more radiation with more surface area. These pseudoflowers extend out very wide, connected to the body by a retractable stem, which can also absorb the flower-looking part inside of it surprisingly tightly, to the point it appears to have simply vanished, only a green stub remaining. They live just about everywhere, up until the start of the Void Belt, where they are rather rare, and are usually found in the areas near the Ice Planet's orbit. There exists a spike inside each of their flowers, which if disturbed when closed, is shot out to ward off whatever it was that startled it, before going back in. They are very sensitive to movement, retracting the moment they are touched by something. They still swim, though only doing so if they feel safe.