Flora-Clipping Bruh

When some populations of 'stached Bruh got into Dingus, many niches were relatively vacant and ripe for the taking. The once exception was that of the microbes that feed on detritus within the sediment which was ironically taken by the Greater 'stached Bruh (the descendant of an earlier wave of 'stached Bruhs that showed up in the river systems of Dingus). Since the Greater 'stached Bruhs already dominated this niche, the new wave of 'stached Bruhs turned towards feeding on first decaying flora and then living flora. To properly make a living on such a diet, they made so changed to their anatomy that led to them becoming the Flora-Clipping Bruh. The teeth these bruhs posses have become thick, adapted to snipping bits of flora and microbial mats for them to then consume. Since their nose does not serve as much of a purpose, it has become shorter while the cilia running along it have become much smaller. Much like their ancestor, the Flora-Clipping Bruh uses a flagellum to swim fast for long period which help them move against the current. They have retained the simple photoreceptors of their ancestors to help navigate their environment. They also still naturally ingest ambient amounts of spite, incorporating it into their tissues which can be used to deter predators.