Filtering Death Noodle

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Populations of The grande noodle of death began to increase in size before deciding they wanted to eat more. To devour more organisms, they began swimming through water full of smaller cells and sucking it in. From there, elongated and thinner teeth allowed them to filter out the organisms from the water so they can be consumed. This led to the evolution of the Filtering Death Noodle, a giant of its kind thus far. The two middle cells have developed cillia to help the Filtering Death Noodle make sharper turns. The Filtering Death Noodle stores spite they get from small organisms such as Bruhs into their tissues to deter other predators from attacking them. The coloration of the Filter Death Noodle had begun to shift to blue, to better blend in with the ocean water they swim in. The two middle cells still help with storage among other metabolic functions, while the two hind cells have flagella to help swim quickly.