The farmacle got its name because they wanted the name to be derived from “barnacle” but changed “barn” to a related “farm”. The farmacle is the result of piss monkes that decided to eat the tiny dead stuff floating around instead of doing the easier way of eating large flora right in front of them. This slowly resulted in them settling on a spot and just sifting through space for food, eventually they got hair like projections to gather this cosmic snow with much less difficulty, their jaws becoming a comb to gather the yummies off of their arms. Pretty much all of the legs got turned into a sticky blobby substance effectively turning into that blue puddy that is used to hold up posters in school, except for the farmacle it is to cement themselves to a surface. They now just settled on having 2 large light eyes making them look like giant car headlights in darker places. They will settle on pretty much anything if there is food floating around, such as asteroids or large fauna. They often settle on migratory pissbacks who are quickly realizing how much stuff likes to settle on them (they don’t mind). Their headlight eyes allow them to spot cosmic snow in the same way you see dust when a window shines in your room, except they like to eat that. They are also much smaller so its easter to get food and space. Lastly they are the only thing immune to Voidcold due to them eating it and getting infected all the darn time.