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Some Nomweed spores originating from eastern Oofle Forest got blown into the neighboring Oofle Desert. Obviously life in the desert is much more grueling than in a forest that receives ample rain, thus much of the spores that landed there died. NOT all of them however, for these survivors would spawn the Evendriernom.

The Evendriernom forsook its fronds in favor of a vivid cyan photosynthetic surface, and what were the ancestral fronds now became pointy owie thorns for making whatever nom-nommers around go owie. Aside from its impressive cyanery, the Evendriernom is covered in a waxy cuticle, both adaptations crucial in retaining the little water that exists in the desert. It has two sets of roots - deeper central roots that tap into groundwater, and radiating marginal roots for collecting rainwater. The photosynthetic functions it performs is now C4 photosynthesis because, again, it lives in the desert. It no longer reproduces via budding as that is very inefficient with energy and nutrients.

Like the rest of its lineage, the Evendriernom possesses a heart-like organ for pumping water and nutrients throughout its bodily networks.