Even Greater Poralp Tree

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As populations of Greater Poralp Tree competed with each other for access to light, it would lead to the evolution of the Even Greater Poralp Tree.

Like their ancestry, Even Greater Poralp Trees grow branching tissues which gradually ascend above the seabed with the branches growing flatter in shape the further they grow from the base stems. These branches also retain the thallus-like structures akin to earthly kelp; which ensures a greater surface area in which light can be absorbed. The cells consisting of the thalli also house greater concentrations of plastids, while cells closer to the base are more dedicated towards structural support and nutrient storage. The cells within the substrate remain as a holdfast, providing an ample foundation for such a large alga.

Although new Even Greater Poralp Trees can be grown from severed fragments of a parent organism, the species inherited its innovative reproductive capability of producing spores from its ancestor. Spores are regularly produced underneath a thallus during an abundance of nutrients. Once sufficiently developed, the spores are promptly released into the water column, able to spread across the seas much farther than their ancestors could due to their height and settle on a wide variety of warm coastlines, firmly ensuring the species’s current prevalence and abundance.