The Eva'dos off are Pissed offs that got depressed one day, causing them to not grow properly and thus are many times smaller than what their ancestors were supposed to be. Their mid-arms have shrunk as well, as they were practically useless. Theyve lost a few of their eyes too because again, they were useless, and didnt have enough energy to spend to grow all of them. They've exaggerated their main arms to be more manipulative. They've also developed a few new mating displays; color patterning and also two giant metal flaps (one on their shoulders and one on their knees.) Due to the low mass of many objects in the piss belt, they can simply jump off to fly through space, not needing to use fuel or anything. In order to defend themselves from accidentally being stepped on or smashed by a meteorite/asteroid, theyved developed an Absolute Fear Field, also known as an AF Field. This is a short lived forcefield made out of a mysterious combination of nanobots, plasma, and electricity that they can make, and it absorbs most impacts. This expends a lot of their energy however, so they save it for key moments. Due to their such short sizes, theyre not able to eat much, so they help eat the many piss webs, as well as larval Piss Children and Spheres of imminent farming.

Alternate picture showing their AF Fields activated.